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Toni Meade Carter, M.S.

Founder / CEO, fourBusyMoms 






Share, Help, Encourage.

She is proudly the mother of one daughter, mother-in-law to one son, and grandmother of one grandson, age four and two granddaughters, ages ten and eleven.  She holds a Master of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from West Virginia University. For thirty-five years, she provided vocational / employment counseling and managerial services respectively to California consumers and staff.  In addition to being the founder of  fourBusyMoms, she is a Life Coach, Public Speaker, Trainer, and Entrepreneur.  Her life-long path has been empowering others by sharing, helping, and encouraging.

Due to severe illness, she had a considerable amount of time to reflect on her life.  Among the things that were revealed and confirmed was that her divine gift and blessings have always been in helping others.  With this came the thoughts that two heads are better than one and that there is strength in numbers.  Thus, networking with people with a common mission made sense and lead to the founding of fourBusyMoms.

She is looking forward to hearing from you and asks that you invite others to join in the mission of fourBusyMoms.

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