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​You may or may not be interested; but, it is common to find you know someone who may need these services.  Kindly refer them to us using the button below to access our "Refer A Friend" form OR send them a link to this website using our easy "Tell A Friend" button found under our logo at the top of any page. 

Do you have a business?  There are two "must have" resources! 

--- access to accounting/tax service and access to attorney services!  The following is presented so that you know that it exists.  If you sign up with Toni -- great!  If you sign up with someone else or you have a friend/family member who is an attorney who will assist you -- great! Our point is that, for your business and family peace of mind, you need this resource in place.

Having said this, we provide the following information:

Forty year old company offers legal services plans


identity theft protection.

There are legal services plans available for small businesses (including separate plans for home based businesses and other self employed), foster parents, commercial truck drivers, police officers, and families, as well as, identity theft protection plans.  The family legal plan and identity theft protection can also be offered  to clients by insurance agents, real estate agents,  and financial planners or to employees by employers as a group benefit . 

These GREAT SERVICES have respectively PROTECTED businesses, families and their assets, and IMPACTED, and CHANGED positively the lives of thousands.  

Whatever your decision, know ~~
​YOU Are Destined To Have A GREAT Life!



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