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(A)  Enter YOUR Name & email address. For the ​"Subject" state the type of referral using one of words in "capital" letters listed below.

  1.  ASSISTANCE  (Person may want support in

       building or starting a business)

  2.  HELPING  (Person may be interested in

       helping others)

  3.  LEGAL  (Person may be interested in hearing

        more about legal resource)


(B)  In the "Message" area provide the person's name, and phone number.  (A phone number is required because we do not send email  to people without permission. )  Also, please state whether the person already has a business and (if you know) state what type of business.

(C)  Use the "Tell A Friend" button (top of page left under our logo) to tell the person you referred them to fourBusyMoms and to expect a phone call.  Thank you.

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