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By Sharing With, Helping, and Encouraging Each Other


fourBusyMoms a is Strategic Network of Women Entrepreneurs. Our mission is to assist women in starting a business or to assist them as they strive for success in their current business or seek to attain their next level of accomplishment.  

The mission is fulfilled as each member, over time, reaches out to 4 or more women, who are not already members of fourBusyMoms, to share knowledge and understanding, to encourage them, and (to the extent each woman can) to help them realize their entrepreneurial goals and dreams. In addition, as a group we are resources for each other.  We share and learn from one another and receive additional support, help, and encouragement. 

There aren't any "away from home" meetings to attend. (We're all too BUSY.) Instead we communicate via 21 Century technology. We spread the word about fourBusyMoms by word of mouth, advertising mediums, social networks, text, and email. (See our "refer-a-friend" page and, at the top of each page under our logo, the easy to use "Tell A Friend" button). 

We require that this site not be used for recruiting.  If you place your information on this site and someone is interested, it is left to the person to initiate contact with you. Recruiting violations will result in the violating member's information being deleted from our website. We exist to assist others  in achieving "their" dreams and goals. There isn't any membership cost --- no obligation of any kind, except to list your business on our "members" and (as appropriate) "resource" pages, to spread the word that we exist, and, as we said, at some point to assist at least 4 women. 

It's just that simple!

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